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Serving The Transgender Community For The Past 30 Years


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The Northern Concord is a social and self help group for
Cross-dressers, Transgendered, Transsexuals and
their wives or partners. The Group is based in Manchester, England and has worked for the TG community successfully for over 30 years

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To Contact Northern Concord write to:

The Northern Concord,
P.O. Box 258,
Manchester, M60 1LN
United Kingdom

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   The Northern Concord is a completely voluntary organisation
and has no commercial ties whatsoever.  

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Cross dressing is not and illness, or a disease, it's a lifestlye decision made by the individual based on his likes or dislikes. Transsexualism is a condition where the the person truly believes they have the wrong body for their brain gender. Neither cross-dressing or transsexualism infers the person has a mental health problem, nevertheless it's good to get recognition from official bodies such as the "Mental Health Net" for publishing clear, simple and what's more useful information. 

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1987 - 2016

Working for the transgender community for the past 30 years