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You've seen the film, you've read the book. It's about time you did something completely different and read:-

Cross Talk - The Magazine

Issue 79 has been posted out to
members in December 2016

Yes Issue 79 of your favourite magazine is due out on the streets.

 If you're not a member and have not seen it
you are missing a treat,
write off for your copy now!

and what's more...

Issue 78 is still available...?

If for some inexplicable reason
you are not a member,
Send For Your Copy Now!

 Members will have their copies delivered personally by our undercover operatives dressed discreetly as Postwomen. Fiendishly clever idea, don't you think?

Tempus Fugit - Goodness how time flies when you're enjoying yourself? You are enjoying yourself, aren't you? The only possible conceivable reason for lack of enjoyment is that you've not got your latest copy of "Cross Talk"!

Yes dear chums and chumesses, the new issue is  published and ready to enlighten an immature and unsuspecting world. Why not buy the people you love a copy or better still buy them two copies and let them read it in stereo!

How do they fit it all in such a great neat and compact A5 size magazine? A magazine ideal for reading on the train or in fact anywhere the mood takes you. Find out for yourself by ordering a copy today.

"I was in a coma for ten years until somebody read Cross Talk to me. I had to wake up to tell them to stop it!"

"I told my girlfriend that I wore dresses and showed her a copy of Cross Talk, she's stopped seeing me now, but subscribes to Cross Talk regularly!”

"Got ten pence for a cup of tea guv?"

"With all the spelling mistakes I believe it's got to be written by a Manchester Guardian reader!"

"And it's still the same price as it was when it was first that price!"

Don't miss out, brighten up your life
by sending for your very own copy of
Cross Talk

The magazine for
Cross Dressers - TV's - TS's
and their wives or partners.

You can have a copy by sending a cheque or postal order, made payable to 'The Northern Concord' to:-

The Northern Concord,
P.O. Box 258,
M60 1LN,

The price including postage and packing is:-

UK - Six Pounds (£6.00)
Europe - Seven Pounds (£7.00)
U.S.A. - Seven Pounds 50p (£7.50)
Australia & NZ - Seven Pounds 50p (£7.50)

The only difference in price is for the postage and packing.

We have issues back as far as number six, although number ten, eighteen and forty-one have all sold out. Once the stock is gone, it's gone, so don't miss out on a really good read, get your copy of Cross Talk today!

All proceeds from the sale of Cross Talk magazine go to The Northern Concord, the voluntary self help and social group for transvestites, transsexuals and their wives or partners.


To Contact Northern Concord write to:

The Northern Concord,
P.O. Box 258,
M60 1LN,

or E-mail

The Northern Concord is a completely voluntary organisation


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1987 - 2017

Working for the transgender community for the past 29 years