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Located Organisation Name Is The Information Listed Below?
UK Beaumont Society Yes
UK Beaumont Trust Yes
UK Beaumont Partners Yes
UK Gender Trust Yes
UK Gendy's Network Yes
UK Mermaids (an organisation for children) Yes
UK Transliving International Yes
UK Press For Change Yes


Local Groups      (Sorted by County)


If the information is not yet listed, it's only because we've not got round to entering it yet, or you haven't let us know, it will be going in as soon as we've got accurate information to give you. Wrong information can be worse than no information, so if you know that some of the details given below are wrong or something has changed please do us all a favour and tell us! Thanks.




The Beaumont Society

The Society was founded in 1966 as a self help and social organisation for transvestites and transsexuals. We are still here over 40 years on, in a very different social climate, with a broader membership but with the same aims. The name comes from the Chevalier d'Eon de Beaumont, a celebrated French transvestite of the 18th Century.

The Society is run for, and by, people who are transgender, covering the spectrum from occasional cross dressers to post operative transsexuals. We are a national organisation run on a regional basis. There are members throughout the UK, with local groups in many areas, there are also members overseas.

The Beaumont Society is run by an Executive Committee of elected and co-opted Members who meet twice a year.


Membership of the Society

There are three types of Membership, Postal, Electronic, and Combined Postal and Electronic. Postal Members receive their service through the mail, Electronic Members are given access to the Members page of the Web Site, Combined members, as the name suggests, receive snail mail and access to the Members Page.


Personal Security

The Society operates a strict code of confidentiality and guarantees that all information given on your application form will only be seen by those officers responsible for considering and administering your membership. No personal information is passed to other members and the Society never supplies names and addresses to anyone inside or outside the Society without the member's express permission. It is not even necessary to give your real address on your application form, as long as you provide some means for the Society to communicate with you.

Contacting Other Members

The Society operates a Mailbox System which allows members to make contact with each others without the need for individuals to reveal their personal details. This is especially helpful for members who would be daunted by the prospect of attending group meetings, or even meeting another individual face to face for the first time. The contact system allows correspondence with other members whilst preserving anonymity.

It also has a Members’ Area on its Website where members are free to display their profiles with contact details at the member’s discretion.


The Beaumont Magazine is published quarterly and the Beaumont Bulletin twice-yearly. Both come free with the membership fee.

The Bulletin contains Society business and Membership news; it is available to Members only.

The Beaumont Magazine is more general in content with features, colour photographs, readers' letters and many articles on social events and helpful tips. It provides a lifeline to those members who for one reason or another, are unable to participate in many of the social activities. For those who do, the Magazine also provides news and information on social activities of interest to members, including many events not organised by the Beaumont Society.

Social Events

The Society is associated with a number of hotel weekends at various venues There are many other popular events organised by the Society as well as "Weekend Social Events" organised by other groups and supported by the Society.

Many areas have regular meetings which may be held in members' own homes or other suitable venues. These meetings are quite informal, though sometimes something special may be arranged, such as clothes sales, wig or make-up demonstration and video showings. Usually they are simply somewhere you can dress in a safe, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, chat with other members, make friends and discuss problems. Wives, girlfriends, and families are always very welcome.

Help and Advice

Many members find support, comfort and advice from other Society members, however neither the Society nor its members are qualified to undertake counselling. Associated with the Beaumont Society is the Beaumont Trust, which can provide avenues to professional advice.

W.O.B.S (Women of the Beaumont Society) is financed by, but quite independent of the Society. It provides help and support and a forum for the partners of transgender people.

Non-Transgender Support.

The Beaumont Society, through its experienced members, offers talks and advice on transgender matters to interested parties. This includes support for surveys by recognised students on college and university courses involving research into ‘transgender’ related subjects, mainly through its magazine and website. We also encourage students to attend our social meetings to gain first hand experience of transgender peoples’ life styles.


Further details contact

 Or the information line 01582-412220

The Beaumont Society
27, Old Gloucester Street,


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Beaumont Partners

Beaumont Partners is a volunteer organisation, run exclusively by women, for women. We aim to improve the emotional wellbeing of women who are experiencing issues as a result of discovering that their partners are transgender.

If you're a woman with experience of living with someone who's transgender and are willing to share your personal experience to the benefit of others, we'd love to hear from you - why not drop us an email at

Helpline Number: 07555 068049

Helpline is open thursdays between 7.15pm - 9.15pm


The Beaumont Trust

The Beaumont trust is a registered Charity established in 1975 and funded voluntary by donations. It's aim is to assist those who are in any way troubled by gender dysphoria, or who are involved in such peoples care and provides referrals to appropriate organisations, professional counsellors, and self help groups. It aims to advance public education about all aspects of gender dysphoria related to transvestism or transsexualism and to protect the good mental and physical health of such individuals.

The Trust is a registered charity, (number 297527), the aim of which is the support of transvestites, transsexuals, their friends and families. It fosters research into both psychological and social aspects of transvestism and transsexualism and can provide speakers to address other organisations. It produces literature and arranges workshops develops befriending facilities and assists with conferences. The Beaumont Trust includes professional and members of other relevant organisations as trustees and officers.

The trust has a helpline which operates every Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm until 11pm. on

07000 287878

Calls should cost no more than British Telecoms national rate.

The Beaumont Trust,
BM Charity,

The Beaumont Trust also has it's own web-pages on the Internet -

All communications will be be strictly confidential, and it would be greatly appreciated if enquirers would enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

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The Gender Trust

The Gender Trust - The largest UK charity that provides support for anyone affected by gender identity issues. Individual and corporate memberships. Support, information and training available. Address: Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG.

Tel: 01273 234024

National Helpline: 0845 231 0505 (M-F 10am-10pm, Sa-Su 1pm-10pm)

Their website can be found at: 


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Gendys network

Gendys is a network for all who have encountered gender identity problems personally, transsexuals, transgendered people and gender dysphoric people of either sex, and for those that provide care, both professional and lay.

Members can be entirely open with other members or remain anonymous. This is a matter of personal choice. All personal information is entirely confidential and members are expected to respect this. Subscriptions support the network and help provide the various services.

The network hopes to help transsexuals and intersexed people see themselves not as victims, but as survivors of their gender identity difficulties.

The organisation that runs the Gendys Conference at Manchester University bi-annually

The organisation is run by Alice Purnell

Gendy's Network
BM Gendy's

Web site at:



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Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES)

GIRES is committed to improving the lives of all gender variant people. It promotes research and provides information, education, training, e-learning, family workshops and a large website. Its users include trans people and all those who can enhance the circumstances in which they live, including policy makers, employers, service providers, journalists, programme makers and family members.

Web:    E-mail:

 Telephone: 01372 801554

Address: Melverley, The Warren, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 2SP


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Mermaids is a support group formed by a group of parents, all bringing a child to a Gender Identity Development Clinic, who were brought together as a result of their children’s long-standing Gender Identity Issues. They have been able to support each other and their children through the difficulties and trauma that gender issues commonly bring to families. They have identified a need to form a support group to aid ‘Other families, children, and teenagers in similar situations.

Gender Identity Issues
Gender Identity Issues vary considerably. They may arise when a child exhibits gender, behaviour to some degree or other. Some may be boys who prefer to take the female role or vice versa; others may have a compulsion to play with toys mostly used by the. other sex (for instance, a boy who predominantly plays with dolls, or a girl who always plays with Action Man and ‘army, toys’). ‘ Some children may only feel comfortable when playing with peers of the other physical sex, or may cross-dress from time to time.

Some children may be unhappy about their own biological sex and wish to belong to the other one; some adolescents may experience a crisis over a problem of sexual orientation. These situations may lead to considerable concern and distress for all those involved.

At school, a child or teenager with a gender identity issue may come in for a great deal of bullying, mickey-taking, name-calling, or even physical attacks. The child or teenager may have great difficulty in responding appropriately. However, the education of people about Gender Identity Issues in the school environment is very important in dealing with these problems.

Many adults with gender identity issues describe difficulties in childhood. Often they complain of having been very unhappy teenagers, and that their suffering had not been recognised early enough by parents and professionals. If this suffering can be recognised early in life, then with the right help, support and treatment young people can be helped to tolerate living in these distressing conditions until, having found a solution to the identity conflict, they approach a happier and less traumatic adulthood.

Gender Identity
Gender Identity is the sense of belief that "I am male," or "I am female." A child becomes aware of its gender identity before or around the age of five years. In most people their gender identity is the same as their sex, i.e. a woman or girl feels she is female and a man or boy feels he is male, but in a few people their gender identity and their sex do not match, and this can cause problems.

Gender Role
Gender role can be defined as the way someone behaves in terms of ‘maleness’ or ‘femaleness’ and the role they take in society. Gender role is variable, valuable and dependant on the cultural values of a society.

Sexual Orientation
Sexual orientation is separate from gender identity - it is simply whether one is attracted sexually to men, women, both or neither

Mermaids recognises that awareness of gender identity issues at an early age should be promoted, and help provided to families or individuals in order to alleviate any problems that might arise. It is often helpful to talk to others who have gone through, or are going through, similar problems to, one’s own. Contact with others, whether it is by telephone, letter, or in person, can alleviate the feelings of loneliness and alienation that can arise. Discovering that one is not alone can bring strength and understanding. to very difficult situations.

To contact them in the first instance write to:-

The Mermaids Support Group
BM Mermaids

(a SAE would be appreciated)

or you can go directly to their website at -


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Transliving International

Contact: Stacy Novak - Email

The web site address is

Follow Transliving on Twitter:

Help line 9am to 8pm Mon to Friday 01268 583761

P.O. Box 3, Basildon, Essex, SS13 3ET


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Press For Change

A campaigning organisation looking for equal rights for transsexuals.

To contact them write to:-

Press For Change
BM Network

or e-mail

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Local Groups

IMPORTANT: If you intend to visit one of the groups listed below for the first time, please ensure you make contact with them before you go, to confirm the details we are giving are still correct!




Contact Name




Bristol Crossroads
4th Saturday of every month at Wick Village Hall, BS30 5RA






Beaumont Society Huntingdon

Contact  email  :

Website :







Bird In Hand pub, on Newmarket Road, close to the East Road/Newmarket Road/Elizabeth Way Bridge roundabout,


01223 441246


3rd Monday of the month at The Steam Packet pub , Stanley street 01900 62186 or email
Pamela 01900 62186


Lytchett Minster


Meet third Wednesday on the month at 7.30.p.m.



07770 435898



Transliving 4th Friday of every month. Phone line now open most evenings. E-Mail

Stacy Novak

01268 583761



Last Thursday of every month. ???





Hayling Island

1st Saturday of each month at the Yew Tree Inn – mixing with the public


0585 020653
or 01703 771798


Folkestone Les Sheks TV/TS Group
Meetings: Every 1st Friday at Lacies, Dover Rd Folkestone
Sue 0870 2030402



Renaissance Group meets at The Gynway Hotel, 205, Dickson Road , Blackpool . FY1-2HQ  Meetings on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Lynda Collins

01253 314747



Chameleon Group meet 1st Saturday of each month, except for November which is the 3rd Saturday. Meetings are from 7:30pm to 10:30pm at Manor House Neighbourhood Centre, Haddenham Rd


01509 621315

Lincolnshire Boston Boston Belles meet every 2nd FRIDAY of each month just outside Boston. Email web site at Belinda 01205-358230
Lincolnshire Lincoln

Meets on 3rd Friday of the month.  Details are on the website.




Every 2nd of the month at the Bird in Hand pub Sydenham Road, Croydon, If you would like any more information you can email Ruth on


07597 020087


Kings Cross

2nd Sunday of every month, 86 Caledonia Road from 7pm

Janett Scott

01582 732936



The George, 114 Twickenham Road

Janett Scott

01582 732936



Manchester Concord Every Wednesday night at Villaggio's, 44 Canal street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 3WD, from 7.30pm
Email -


Merseyside Liverpool Spirit Level, The Armistead Centre, Muskers Buildings, 1 Stanley Street Liverpool?
meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 7.30pm., phone the Armistead on 0151-247-6560 or email

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne

There are TV's going out in Newcastle on Wednesdays and Fridays, but no formal meetings. Generally meet in the Yard, but visit a few other bars and clubs too. None
Norfolk Norwich OASIS - Self help and support group.  Meet on the third Saturday of each month.
E-mail Beccie on:
or visit our website:



Chameleon Group meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday between 7.30pm and 11pm at The Temple Centre Nottingham Road, Nuthall Nottingham


07896 133461



Meetings on the 1st Saturday of each month at the Jolly Farmer on Paradise Street   Tel 01865 201510


Swindon Helpline
01793 420262 on Fridays 7pm – 11pm


Shrewsbury Sanctuary - The 1st Tuesday of every month
Jenny 07906 358458


Stoke-on-Trent Sanctuary -   
New details can be found at
Kirsty Lewiis 01782 266998



Felixstowe Girls at ‘The Caretakers House’ 7pm – 11pm on the 3rd Friday of each month. Also the Fox & Hounds, Little Bromley, Essex every Wednesday 7pm onwards


01473 624079




Haven Group 1st Saturday of every month


01424 426264



‘Molly’s Girls at Cellar 37’ corner of Dovecote Street and Prince Regents Street, Stockton-on-Tees. Ist & 3rd Wednesdays 7pm till midnight






Sanctuary - Every Thursday evening


07906 358458



Outskirts meet the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. New website at


07816 334598




Sanctuary - 4th Wednesday of the month


07906 358458



2nd Saturday of every month at The Swindon Transgender Group, Roughmoor Social Club, Swinley Drive, Swindon. Website at and email contact at 

Alison Davidson

Tel. No Currently suspended

Wirral Birkenhead TransWirral (TS Only)  meet once a month (normally on a Saturday around 12-30pm) at 90-92, Chester Street, Birkenhead, Wirral, CH42 5DL
Robyn 07833 385126 
Wirral Birkenhead
Wirral Transisters - 1st Tuesday of every month, from 6.30pm in Terrence Higgins Trust, 5 Bridge Street, Birkenhead (around the corner from Hamilton Square Station)
None 0151 649 8128



Les Femmes 2nd, 3rd &  4th Fridays of every month, 8pm to 4am,  at the Club Xes, it still says the Norfolk Arms outside, Carlisle Street.  Changing facilities are available and there's a door charge of £3 for everyone after 11pm. Website at Email or


No contact info
Club telephone
number is:
0114 275 0828



2nd & 4th Monday of every month 8pm - 11pm at Woodhouse Street Day Centre.


None available

at this time



Switch - Last Tuesdays of the month between 6-8pm
For transsexuals or people questioning their sexuality

Pete Boyle or
Tom Hunt

0113 244 4209

Northern Ireland


Belfast Butterfly Club 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of every month 7.30pm – 11pm - P.O. Box 210, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 1BG. email

Linda Marshall


Scotland Lothian Edinburgh - Scottish TV/TS Group 2nd Monday 7 -10pm changing facilities Details Edinburgh Gay Switchboard and LGBT  Details from Gay Switchboard

Day Time 0131 556 4049
Evening - Louise on
01383 852529

Evenings 0131 523 1100 

Stirlingshire Buchlyvie - last Saturday of the month Kira
07808 564626
01360 850516
Mobile 077436157


Glasgow - Crosslynx 2nd Wednesday of every month
c/o Strathclyde Lesbian & Gay Group
- Contact Details further up this page -


0141 332 8372 daily  
7pm – 10pm


Kinghorn - Sweet Lorraine's Place. !st Thursday monthly 7 - 10pm. Changing facilities Details phone  Phone to check meeting (Note this is Hide & Sleek shop) Lorraine  01592 891344 Mon - Sat 9 - 5pm


Aberdeen Grammarian Gender Group (3G) 3rd Saturday monthly None 07050 562175 Mon. & Wed 7 -9pm


Inverness Highland TV/TS 3rd Wednesday 7 -10pm.
Details from Reach Out Highland, 34 Waterloo Place, Inverness IV 1 1NB

None 01463 711585


Inverness - Swans - Last Thursday every month 7 - 10pm Joanna 07703517936

 To Contact Northern Concord write to:

The Northern Concord,
P.O. Box 258,
M60 1LN,


or E-mail

   The Northern Concord is a completely voluntary organisation

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This page is still building, as more reliable information becomes available we will add it here.
Please let us know if any of the details change as out of date information is sometimes worse than no information!

Much more to follow - watch this space for more information as we receive it

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1987 - 2017

Working for the transgender community for the past 29 years