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Updated 9th April 2018

Channel Four

Are you aged 17+ and lost touch with your mum, dad or sibling? Have you seen them on social media or know where to find them? Are you ready to make contact, but need help reaching out? Our brand-new Channel 4 programme could help support you through the next big step 

Nadia Khiavi, Casting Producer

DD: 0207 061 8919   Address: 30 Golden Square, London, W1F 9LD Twitter: @1Click_Away Instagram: 1_click_away



Updated 27th August 2018

LSE research study:

Trans and non-binary experiences of the criminal justice system 

Call for research participants

What is this research about: The aim of this research is to explore trans and non-binary people's experiences of the criminal justice system (e.g. prison, courts, parole, probation, police) because there is very little research on this area. The research will be carried out through a series of interviews with trans and non-binary people where we will discuss their experiences and how they feel about their experiences. Hopefully, this study will help fill the lack of knowledge around trans and non-binary people's experiences of criminal justice so that criminal justice policy and practice can be better informed. 
Interviews will start in September 2018 and is expected to finish in August 2019. All participants would remain anonymous in accordance with the LSE ethical guidelines and will be treated with sensitivity and respect. 
Who do you want to talk to: Trans and non-binary people with experience of criminal justice. This includes offenders, victims of crime, witnesses to crime and professionals (e.g. trans police officers). 
Who is carrying it out: My name is Paul Behan and I am a PhD student in the Department of Social Policy at LSE. My field of study is criminology. I am a graduate of the School of Law at Trinity College Dublin and the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford. I am also a director of a youth focused LGBT charity in Ireland called ShoutOut (
How do I take part or find out more information: Email or write to me at the Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics, Old Building, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE.
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