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A Summary

The 2003
International Transgender Conference & Celebration

held at
The Crown Hotel - Harrogate - Yorkshire - England


For those of you that were unable to go the event was a huge success. With representatives from 12 of the country's Police Forces in the audience, plus Samaritans, Relate and Social Services it was a unique mix of people, all brought together to learn more about each other.

The first day was papers presented by members of the transgender community from Australia, USA, Ireland and Holland which were well received.

Day two, the Saturday was opened by Jenny Baker from Northern Concord, who explained why Janett Scott and her had put together the event and went on to explain who cross dressers and transsexuals actually were to the assembled audience.

Next came a talk on the Police "Stop and Search Policy" by Inspector Fiona Gaskell. She covered the topic in detail explaining what could and couldn't be done.

Then Chris Gaskell from the Crown Prosecution Service explained the policy on transphobic crime and how they and the courts in the UK were dealing with it.

After lunch came Dr. Russell Read discussing the medical labels that were attached to people by the "professionals".

Claire McNab of the organisation Press For Change came next talking about the new draft Bill to enable transsexuals to have their birth certificates changed and the new gender declaration that would accompany it. Claire did a magnificent job in explaining the changes and enabling people to understand it.

Janett Scott concluded the days official talks with some excellent anecdotes and a summary of her views on the future.

As much training and education went on outside the main lecture room, as people discussed with each other in an open and friendly way the implications of the various talks.

The event was a great success thanks to the involvement and co-operation of all the people that attended.


The International Transgender
Conference Report

Please Get Your Copy Now Whilst Stock Remains!

The report is an A4 booklet explaining what happened and who said what at the International Transgender Conference held in Harrogate in the August of 2003.

Jointly promoted by the Beaumont Society and the Northern Concord, with workshops and papers presented by The Crown Prosecution Service, Hertfordshire Police Diversity Unit, a Gender Psychologist, as well as representatives from the Trans Community in Australia, The Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The cost of the booklet is £5.00 plus £2.45 postage and packing.

Send your name and address and a cheque or postal order made payable to "Northern Concord" to:

The Northern Concord,
P.O. Box 258,
Manchester, M60 1LN
United Kingdom


Proceeds from the sale of the report will go jointly to
the Beaumont Society and the Northern Concord


To Contact Northern Concord write to:

The Northern Concord,
P.O. Box 258,
Manchester, M60 1LN
United Kingdom

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